Thank you Miho & ECONECO for this absolute stunning illustration. Lucky and I love it so much :)

Please check below sites for more info if you are interested!

ECONECO, from Fukuoka prefecture, has created a new genre of product using unique colors and characteristics. She began with sponsoring illustrations from paper bindings, popular authors' books and magazines and is now drawing attention by collaborating with popular character products like Hello! Kitty and PARCO, as well as department stores.
She has been aiming at "contributing to society with art" with live painting at a variety of places like Rafore-Harajuku and event show rooms. Also, from this year, she has begun children's workshops and lectures at schools.
ECONECO has drawn attention to their colorful and pop feeling collection of various studio art, thanks to their recent overseeing of a daytime TV show`s "oshareism", set. It has been found that after airing, "ECONECO" is the most googled word, creating talk of this new genre expanding extensively.



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